LearnCoil-VMF: A program for identifying coiled-coil-like regions in viral membrane-fusion proteins

LearnCoil-VMF has been used to detect coiled-coil-like regions in many viral membrane-fusion proteins, including those of many retroviruses, paramyxoviruses, and filoviruses. This work is described in:

  Mona Singh, Bonnie Berger and Peter S. Kim,
  "LearnCoil-VMF: Computational evidence
  for coiled coil-like motifs in many viral
  membrane-fusion proteins," 
  Journal of Molecular Biology,
  in press.				     

  Bonnie Berger and Mona Singh, 
  "An iterative method for improved 
  protein structural motif recognition," 
  Journal of Computational Biology, 
  volume 4, number 3, pages 261--273, 1997.

Use the form below to evaluate coiled-coil-like regions in your sequences using the viral membrane fusion probability table learned by LearnCoil-VMF. LearnCoil-VMF is not designed for general coiled-coil prediction. For coiled-coil prediction, please use the PairCoil or MultiCoil programs.

When using the Learncoil-VMF program in your research, please cite the papers listed above. For questions about the computational method, send mail to us at: learncoil@csail.mit.edu. Click here to visit the Kim Lab web page.

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