Instructions for using LearnCoil-VMF on the Web

The LearnCoil algorithm is a general iterative method that extends the two-stranded coiled-coil prediction program PairCoil to the identification of other types of coiled-coil-like motifs. Here, we have applied LearnCoil to viral membrane-fusion proteins, and have used it to build a table derived from the coiled-coil-like motifs in these protein sequences. Use this form to evaluate sequences with the LearnCoil viral membrane-fusion table.

LearnCoil-VMF is not designed for general coiled-coil prediction. For coiled-coil prediction, please use the PairCoil or MultiCoil programs.

The LearnCoil-VMF program takes two arguments: a name for the sequence (this is optional) and the amino acid sequence. The name may be set in the uppermost dialog box, labeled "Sequence Name"; the name is only for labelling the output graphs. The amino acid sequence itself should be input into the bottom dialog box, which is labeled "Sequence:". The program ignores any whitespace, such as returns and tabs, as well as '*'s.

Click on the "Submit Sequence" button to run the program. A page displaying the LearnCoil-VMF program's analysis of your amino acid sequence using the viral membrane-fusion table will follow.

If at any time you wish to start over, click on the "Reset Form" button next to the "Submit Sequence" button.

Rights and Documentation

The LearnCoil-VMF program is described in:

  Mona Singh, Bonnie Berger and  Peter S. Kim, 

"LearnCoil-VMF: Computational evidence for coiled-coil-like motifs in many viral membrane-fusion proteins,"

Journal of Molecular Biology, in press.

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