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About BetaWrapPro

BetaWrapPro is a program for prediction and comparative modeling of the beta-helix and beta-trefoil protein motifs. It accomplishes this by profile wrapping.

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If you use informtion from this website, or results from the BetaWrapPro program, please cite:
A.V. McDonnell, M. Menke, N. Palmer, J. King, L. Cowen, B. Berger, "Prediction and comparative modeling of sequences directing beta-sheet proteins by profile wrapping". Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 2006, 63: 976-985.

High-scoring sequences

Here is a list of the best-scoring beta-helices detected by BetaWrapPro from SwissProt.
Here is a similar list for the beta-trefoils.


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beta-helix beta-trefoil
The beta-helix shown is a Rasmol image of Pectate Lyase C from Erwinia chrysanthemi, whose structure was solved by Yoder, Keen, and Jurnak in 1993 (PDB ID 1pcl). The beta-trefoil is a DeepView image of Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (PDB ID 1bff), solved by Kastrup, Ericksson, Dalboge, and Flodgaard in 1993.
Not to scale.