Paircoil Scoring Form

The Paircoil program is described in:

        Bonnie Berger, David B. Wilson, Ethan Wolf, Theodore Tonchev, 
    Mari Milla, and Peter S. Kim, "Predicting Coiled Coils by Use 
    of Pairwise Residue Correlations", Proceedings of the National 
    Academy of Science USA, vol 92, aug 1995, pp. 8259-8263.

The Paircoil program predicts the location of coiled-coil regions in amino acid sequences. To analyze your own sequences with Paircoil, you can either use this form or download the program which provides a more powerful interface.

When using the Paircoil program in your research, please cite the paper listed above.

The MultiCoil program for locating dimeric and trimeric coiled coils based on the PairCoil algorithm is now also available.

An updated version of Paircoil, Paircoil2 is now available.

Please enter the sequence below in plain text format and select the appropriate options. For more information, please see the documentation of this page.

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