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If you are only concerned with whether your sequence is or is not a coiled coil, Paircoil2 is likely to be more accurate than Multicoil. To distinguish between dimeric and trimeric coiled coils, continue using Multicoil.

The Multicoil program is described in:

  Ethan Wolf, Peter S. Kim, and Bonnie Berger, "MultiCoil: A  
  Program for Predicting Two- and Three-Stranded Coiled Coils", 
  Protein Science 6:1179-1189.  June 1997. 

The MultiCoil program predicts the location of coiled-coil regions in amino acid sequences and classifies the predictions as dimeric or trimeric. The method is based on the PairCoil algorithm. To analyze your own sequences with MultiCoil, you can either use this form or download the program.

When using the Multicoil program in your research, please cite the paper listed above.

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