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The BetaWrap web server is now operational. As this is a new service, we would very much appreciate any comments about our program, its output, or the on-line help page. Send feedback to the address: THANK YOU!

Submit your sequences to the BetaWrap program.

If you use information from this website, or results from the BetaWrap program, please cite our abstract from RECOMB 2001, the Fifth Annual International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology:

P. Bradley, L. Cowen, M. Menke, J. King and B. Berger, "Predicting the Beta-Helix Fold from Protein Sequence Data".

Powerpoint slides of Bonnie Berger's AMS talk on 1/12/01 can be downloaded here. These slides include a description of the algorithm.

Powerpoint slides of Phil Bradley's Recomb 2001 talk can be downloaded here.

Here is a list of some of the high-scoring sequences that BetaWrap found when run on the NCBI non-redundant protein sequence database.

Raw beta-sheet alignment data is available here.

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Rasmol image of Pectate Lyase C from Erwinia chrysanthemi, whose structure was solved by Yoder, Keen, and Jurnak in 1993.