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The Wrap-and-Pack web server is now operational. As this is a new service, we would very much appreciate any comments about our program or its output. Send feedback to the address: betawrap@csail.mit.edu.

Wrap-and-Pack has been integrated into BetaWrapPro. The BetaWrapPro page also has more information on how to interpret results.

Submit your sequences to the Wrap-and-Pack program.

If you use information from this website, or results from the Wrap-and-Pack program, please cite our abstract from RECOMB 2004, the Eighth Annual International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology:

M. Menke, E. Scanlon, J. King, B. Berger and L. Cowen, "Wrap-and-Pack: A New Paradigm for Beta Structural Motif Recognition with Application to Recognizing Beta-Trefoils".

Here is a list of some of the high-scoring sequences that Wrap-and-Pack found when run on the NCBI non-redundant protein sequence database.

The pairwise twisted beta-sheet residue alignment data is available here.

Questions regarding this website should be directed to the address: betawrap@csail.mit.edu

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DeepView image of Human Basic Fibroblast Growth factor (1BFF), whose structure was solved by Kastrup, Ericksson, Dalboge, and Flodgaard in 1993.