The 21st Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology

Hong Kong, May 3-7, 2017

(May 3: Registration & Reception, May 4-7: Talks)

Congratulations Winners!!

Best Paper Award

NetREX: Network Rewriting using EXpression - Towards Context Specific Regulatory Networks

Yijie Wang, Dong-Yeon Cho, Hangnoh Lee, Brian Oliver and Teresa Przytycka

Best Poster Award

Sequence Alignment on Directed Graphs

Kavya Vaddadi, Naveen Sivadasan, Kshitij Tayal and Rajgopal Srinivasan

Test of Time Award

Efficient Algorithms for Detecting Signaling Pathways in Protein Interaction Networks

Jacob Scott, Trey Ideker, Richard M. Karp, and Roded Sharan

presented at RECOMB 2005 and published in full length in Journal of Computational Biology