RCK (RNAcontext k-mer)
massachusetts institute of technology (mit)
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computation and biology group (compbio)

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RCK is a software to infer protein-RNA preferences from RNAcompete experimental data.
It extends RNAcontext by a k-mer model, in both sequence and structure.

Input and Output

For input and output description, see the original RNAcontext website.
The model output files have changed as the model has changed.

New features and parameters

RCK was developed by Yaron Orenstein in Bonnie Berger's group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT.

Get the software

The package available here:

Get the models

The models inferred from RNAcompete experimental data are available here:

By default they are based on PHIME structure annotation: paired, hairpin, inner, multi and external.

PU models are based on paired and unpaired structure annotation.

RNA structure prediction

RNAplfold implemented to produce probabilities for 4 structure contexts can be found here.

How to use it

For training: see the original RNAcontext website.
And also: ./bin/rnacontext -w <min_width-max_width> -a <alphabet> -e <structure alphabet> -s <seed initialization> -c <training sequences> -h <training probability vectors> -d <sequences to predict> -n <corresponding probability vectors> -m <output dir> -b <max L-BFGS iteration>

Example run for training:

./bin/rnacontext -b 200 -w 4-5 -a ACGU -e PLMU -s 3 -c VTS1_training_sequences.txt -h VTS1_training_annotations.txt -d VTS1_test_sequences.txt -n VTS1_test_annotations.txt -o VTS1_demo -m ./outputs/

For prediction: ./bin/rnacontext -w <width-width> -a <alphabet> -e <structure alphabet> -d <sequences to predict> -n <corresponding probability vectors> -l <model prefix> -m <dir of model and output> -b <max L-BFGS iteration>
Saves prediction results under <dir>/pred_<prefix>_<width>.txt

Example run for prediction:

./bin/rnacontext -w 5-5 -a ACGU -e PLMU -d VTS1_test_sequences.txt -n VTS1_test_annotations.txt -l VTS1_demo -m ./outputs/

Both modes output a PWM for visualization, and structure preference of top k-mer to pwm_* files in the output dir.

Interpreting the output

The output files test* and train* remained as in RNContext (measured and predicted intensities of training and test sets). The files model* and param* contain the k-mer model.